Award Winning Programs


Award Winning Programs

Proven To Succeed

Are you ready to be the next award winning 20Lighter Program success story?

Programs Designed For You

For those with less to lose!

The 20-day program was created for those who have less to lose or desire a shorter timeframe. 

Jumpstart Your Health In 30-Days!  
Our new 30-Day programs are focused on promoting and kick starting a healthier lifestyle!  Plan includes customized meal plan, access to 20Lighter online platform, & more!
Our original flagship program!

Designed for those who have more to lose and time to realize their goals.  This is our most comprehensive plan.

  • Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

    We are excited to launch our new online program! This step-by-step program is designed to be short, and simple to follow. We arm you with the tools you need to lose weight at home, and continue that success after the program is completed.

  • Reboot Your Metabolism

    The Program is not just about moving the scale. It’s designed to reboot your metabolism and reduce visceral fat surrounding the organs that contributes to metabolic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type-two diabetes.

  • Personalized

    We incorporate a unique, patent-pending meal plan proven to significantly reduce the level of visceral fat in both men and women, young and old, healthy and those struggling with a variety of health problems. The meal plan is specifically tailored to each 20Lighter client’s body composition and daily activities.

  • You Eat Real Food

     There are no prepackaged foods, shakes, bars or cookies… our meal plan includes real food. Every day includes lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables you purchase at the grocery store.

  • Science Based – Doctor Supervised

    The program includes two important phases: An intense fat burning portion that includes the patent pending, visceral fat targeting meal plan. This is followed by a proprietary transition period back to a normal healthy dietary intake, critical for ensuring long term success.


Our Programs Reboot Your Metabolism

While the Science behind 20Lighter is complicated, the program is not. The founders spent years designing a structured, step-by step, easy to follow and straightforward plan. The Program has been scientifically validated through award winning data presentations at prestigious national and international medical conferences. The 20Lighter Program is proven to work. It’s patent-pending meal plan is shown to burn visceral fat in a variety of age groups and even in those with common health issues.

Are you ready to be the next award winning 20Lighter Program success story?

Doctor Supervised – All Natural
Science Based

Doctor Supervised – All Natural
Science Based