20Lighter, for life.

20Lighter, for life.

20Lighter, for life.

At 20Lighter we are laser-focused, we do one thing and do it extremely well…
we change lives by improving health, physical and mental well-being.


The synergy of smart technology, patent pending meal plans, all natural anti-inflammatory supplementation, and expert personal attention enables an unmatched experience resulting in transformative weight loss and fuller life experience.

Success stories are the rule, not the exception at 20Lighter. Our programs are designed from start to finish to help you become the next success story, and we guarantee it in writing.

For clinicians without an in-house bariatrician or nutritional weight loss program, 20Lighter is the perfect referral option… safe, meaningful progress wrapped in an empowering and enjoyable experience.

Healthy workplaces are essential for the success of a company. 20Lighter programs are designed to improve health and reduce the risk (and costs) of serious illnesses, allowing employees to engage in a more meaningful way at work and at home.

Guaranteed results, from the inside out

The award winning 20Lighter is the only program targeting not only the scale, but the causes of obesity and associated illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.